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Cancun shared fishing


Booking Shared Fishing in Cancun


Pros & Cons to Shared fishing!

Shared fishing is an option to a full private charter while in Cancun.

In this option you will be fishing with other anglers 6 per boat in total.

We recently started putting shared fishing together on a daily basis with marina next-door.

The rate is $160 per person based on a six hour charter departing at 7 AM and returning at 1 PM that rate this including the five dollar dock fee.

You have to be at the marina at 6:30 AM as the groups are being put together every morning. Keep in mind a few things.

1-You will be sharing the boat with six people all together including yourself Plus the crew.

2-If you're intending to target specifics such a sailfish or any kind of billfish this is not your best option since the crew has to make sure that everybody on board will catch and fight some fish therefore most likely the crew will troll and then they will bottom fish targeting grouper,snapper, amberjack's, triggerfish etc.

3-The dynamic of shared fishing. Everybody has to take a turn at the rods, Let's just say that you happen to go first among the group you will have to wait for everybody else to go through and then go for seconds.


The Pros
• You got lucky, and had a great day. You saved money, you caught a lot of fish as well as big fish, nothing unexpected happened, no one got sick, everyone onboard was agreeable about everything, you enjoyed the company of the people who you shared the charter with, and you made some lasting friends. Sounds perfect!

The Cons
• You got unlucky and the worst happened: You’ve paid your money in advance and the day of the share charter arrives. You thought you were going to save a lot of money by fishing on this “share trip”, but an hour out of port the other group got sick and out-voted you to go home. Your “Full Day Charter” was over at 9 Am.

• Alcohol makes people do strange things (more so on boats). Some of which are funny. Some, not so much.

• On a slow day, you are the only one to catch a nice fish, only to have it cut up and divided equally among all the charter guests.

• You have to sit and watch someone else fight YOUR Sailfish because you were lower on the angler rotation.

• The captain will usually choose to fish an area where there is a better chance everyone will catch something. More often than not, this means smaller fish or bottom fishing.

• You wanted to fish for Billfish, but the other people on the boat are happy catching small tuna,barracudas, trigger fish, or snappers and don’t want to chase a Sailfish or Marlin.

• You are seasick and want to go home, but the other 3 people are fine. The majority rules and the boat stays out. You Suffer!

• You’re stuck with “those people” for 6 hours at sea. There is no where to run. And to make matters worse, they just don’t know when to SHUT UP AND FISH!



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