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Wahoo, Ono, Fishing in Cancun and isla Mujeres (complete Guide 2023)

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Wahoo | Ono Fish FAQ.

Wahoo | Delicious ono, it is a torpedo shape predatory silver striped fish known for its aggressive speed and behaviour, One of the best tasting fish for a meal...

Wahoo, Ono fish | fishing in cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Wahoo | Season | Havitat.

  • You can find this species both close to shore and in the open ocean (offshore.) Wahoo are found all over the world in tropical waters. It inhabits epipelagic ecosystems, or the area from the surface of the water to as deep as light continues to penetrate and our location is situated in the most norther tip of the yucatans peninsula, allowing a great chance to terget them..

  • Wahoo is a higly prized and a very popular fish for recreational fishermen. Cancun and Isla Mujeres are great destinations to fish for them, with a mix of natural bait and skirts or high speed trolling lures or plugs..

  • Wahoo fishing in Cancún varies moderately throughout the year they don’t play by anyone’s rules,so they can be caught every month of the year here. . High season is from late September till February in Large numbers. Lower season is April to September or October.

  • They have been seen and caught in-shore near reefs, but the majority are caught when trolling off-shore for other species like dorado, sailfish or marlin. We do not see wahoo caught from shore!

  • Catching a Wahoo takes fishing skill and knowledge, along with the right equipment, which is why a private deep sea fishing charter with Ambush Fishing is your best shot at landing one of these lightning fast fish and can swim up to 59 mph.

  • We can target them year round we just need to set up the rods, select high speed lures and go trolling for them!

Wahoo Fishing Cancun.

Wahoo, Ono fish | Fishing Pictures Cancun Isla Mujeres MX.

Wahoo Fishing Charters.

These are some of the finest wahoo Fishing boats in Cancun, The Best option to take you fishing in Cancun or Isla Mujeres MX.

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Sailfish Run Cancun

Sailfish Run | Tiara 38' | 8 Guests

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Kianahs SportFishing Cancun

Kianah | Bertram 35' | 6 Guests

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Grand Slam fishing in cancun

Grand Slam | Luhrs 35' | 6 Guests

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Show Time, sportfishing cancun

Show Time | Albemarle 35' | 6 Guests

1st year of operation

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Panga Fishing Cancun | Hot tuna

Hot Tuna | Panga 27' | 3 Guests

2 years of operation

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Rate Starting $380.00