About Kianah's SportFishing Boats

The Boats are 30' 35' and 38' Footer.
Geard with sportfishing in mind! Top of the Line fishing gear and new electronics.
Fish for half or full day and multi-day fishing charters in Cancun.

Enjoy your SportFishing vacation in Cancun

with a profesional charter service onboard a tournament rigged boat!

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Where to

Let us cater to your to your highest Fishing expectations. With a small but great fishing boat fleet.

Fish out of Isla Mujeres or Cancun. we will make the proper arrangements to get you fishing with the family or friends (kids are welcome.)

Styles or types

• Light tackle sailfishing during the winter (Late December to Mid April)
• Heavy trolling for white marlin sailfish and mahi mahi starts (Mid April to June)
• Vertical jigging (from November to May), Simply the best boats to take you fishing with succes while in CANCUN

Fishing Charters

These are some of the finest Fishing boats in Cancun

Private charters starting at $380.00 US

Fishing Charters in Cancun boats

Sailfish Run | Tiara 38'

2 years in operation

Rated 5/5 (63)reviews.

Fishing Charters in Cancun

Kianah | Bertram 35'

Over 20 years in operation

Rated 4.9/5 (216)reviews.

Boat Billfishing in cancun

Grand Slam | Luhrs 35'

18 years in operation

Rated 4.9/5 (197)reviews.

 boats Fishing Charters in Cancun-billfish

Billfish | Phoenix 30'

3 years in operation (replaced the Joselito)

Rated 4.9/5 (52)reviews.

panga fishing in cancun

Hot Tuna | Panga fishing

2 years in operation

Rated 4.9/5 (17)reviews.

showtime fishing cancun

Showtime | Albemarle 350 Open

1st Year of operation

Rated 4.9/5 (3)reviews.

The Boats | Tournamet Rigged 30' 35' & 38'

The boats have top of the line fishing gear, modern electronics and a crew with many years of experience sportfishing in Cancun

Choosing a Fishing "BOAT" F.A.Q

Salt water fishing is a very broad sport with multiple styles, many species to target, and different habitats. Please plan according to season, and fishing style or species of fish that you wish to target. We have a boat and a professional crew that will suit your needs

    • Boats have a weight and people capacity based on the size.

    • The Billfish - Phoenix 30' | 4 Guests

    • Kianah - Bertram 35' | 6 Guests

    • The Grand Slam - Luhrs 35' | 6 Guests

    • The ShowTime - Albemarle 350' Open | 6 Guests

    • The Sailfish-Run - Tiara Open 38' | 8 Guests.

    • The bigger the boat

      the more stability and lower center of gravity the boat will have. This creates more room for comfort and amenities.

    • Time spent travelling from the marina to fishing grounds is considered part of the charter requested.

      Time starts fromt the time we leave the dock till the time we retun to it.

    • Keep in mind that

      the first few miles of sorounding coastlines are national parks, snorkelling and diving sites.
      In Cancun we start dropping lines 45 minutes to an hour away from the marina.
      (*Depending on the style of fishing, season and species of fish requested)
    • As an example a 4 Hr charter

      it takes 45 minutes to an hour out, 45 min to and hour returning, your actual fishing time is roughly 2 hrs plus.

      (*If we depart at 7:00 Am we will retun at the dock by 11:00 AM)

    • 4, 6, 8 or 12 Hrs charter?

      •4 HR. The four hour charter is our most basic trip. It is the fastest charter we provide, and is limitted to bottom fishing as it is the most productive style of fishing, (We do our best to provide the best quantity of fish possible without sacrificing quality. Most common target is small reef fish and barracudas.)

      •6HR. An intruduction to sportfishing. Allows runs to the edge of the continental shelf east of Cancun and gives you enogh time to troll for either game fish, bottom fish or vertical jig.

      •8HR. Our most popular fishing charter. Great for the winter sailfish run where our boats travel over an hour away from the marina. We can cover broader areas and try different styles of fishing during the same day depending on your prefrences, and fishing conditions. (The increment in rates is minimum but you will also be provided with food and 2 T-shits as souvenirs and of course the aditional time. Allowing flexibility)

      •12HR. Our full 12 hour trip. We hit the morning and evening bite, try different styles of fishing, and cover different areas. The 12 hour charter is not for everone, however it is recommended for the experienced angler, and those who wish to experience the thrill of a professional sport fishing team.

    • If you are intended to target

      sailfish, marlin, tuna or want to practice an specific style of fishing. It is important to give yourself the most amount of time to increase your succes rate as they are higly migratory and temperature sensitive.

    • In Cancun or Isla Mujeres we have 2 sailfish seasons.

      The famous winter Sailfish Run and late spring and summer trolling season.

    • Winter sailfish season.

      • Depending on weather we start seen the large schools of bait early December attracting thousands of sailfish in an area north of Isla Mujeres at the top of the continental shelf till late March (Sardine and cigar minow spawning season), Light-tackle fishing is the best way to target them.

    • spring and summer Sailfishing.

      • Mid to late march the trolling season starts, the wind changes from the south and push warm water and will drive the large schools of bait away from the spawning areas making the sailfish to migrate east of Cancun to deeper water at the edge of the yucatan channel till late June. (We can expect black fin tuna, white and blue marlin and mahi mahi in the same spread)

    • By Request Vertical Jigging.

      • Vertical Jinggin, will requiere to drift over different structures at different depts and to target many locations. (Flexibility with time is required)

    • No Fly Fishing

    • Fishing is not as easy or as glamorous as it seems to be on a TV show edited in to 30 to 45 minutes!

      *We all see magazines, tv shows and Youtube about beatifull exotic destinations with incredible fishing results!

      BUT no one writes or talks abot the days that didnot live to the expectation and the days of fishing frustration. fish and other species living in their natural habitat can be affected by various uncontrollable wether conditions.

      Not every day is bright and sunny, Sometimes even at top fishing destinations at their peak time the bite slows down due to the moon phase, wind or water temperature change.

      Length of Charter, The Weather, Fish behavior and many times your or own motion sikness play a big factor during a fishing day.

    • Sportfishing Boats and Their Downsides in Mexico.

      All Boats chartering in Cancun will run single or twin Diesel engines, Due to the boat design, mechanical engines and the low grade mexican fuel (high sulfur) at one point or another you will be subjected to some exaust smell. 90 percent of all boats still sport fully mechanical engines, they are better at running with low grade fuel, BUT THEY STINK!

    • Catch cleaning and filleting

    • Avoid getting a fishing trip trough a booking agency or a fishing broker.

      20 years of direct customer to charter Operator services, We do not work with any sales broker or travel agency!

    • Do not assume that a short charter

      Will give you the flexibility to target specific fish or allow the same succes rate as longer trips.

    • Not all fish can be targeted at the same time

      some are native deep blue water offshore species, some like shallow water or areas with bottom structure. some will feed of the surface some are bottom feeders

    • Know your limits or the people fishing with you.

      You might have high tolerance for motion siknes others in our party might not.
    • NO SpearFishing

  • We are 100% owned and operated. No mediators, travel agents or sales brokers.

    That allows all the comunication and flexibility. In Cancun we are the only charter providers with no upfront fees or deposits for any reservations and the only charter with no B.S. cancelation polecy. It is up to the last minute!

    Kianah's SportFishing has been operating in cancun and Isla Mujeres for the past 20 years, trought all these years we learned that personal service and long lasting customer relationship is the best advertisement.

    Our goal is to provide you with a unique fishing experience at a personal level wheather you are an ocational or a seasoned angler

    Our boats are not listed in any other websites or represented in any shape or form by other sales brokers or booking agents.

    Just give us a call or text us. (417)-576-6155 US & CA. (888) 825 2644

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