Fishing Rates Cancun and isla Mujeres

Sport Fishing Rates in Cancun | Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya

*Enjoy the ultimate fishing experince in Cancun and Isla Mujeres MX. Here are some frequently asked questions about princing a fishing trip..

sailfish fishing rates cancun

Deep Sea Fishing Rates Cancun FAQ.

  • **All pricing depends on the boat size and length of fishing trip requested; please read as we have a few options

    Pricing and rates below includes 16% sales tax.

    Boat | Size | Capacity *4 Hrs *6 Hrs *8 Hrs *12 Hrs
    *Sailfish Run 38' 8 guests $810.00 US $980.00 US $1120.00 US $1360.00 US
    *Kianah | 35' 6 guests $780.00 US $880.00 US $980.00 US $1180.00 US
    *Grand Slam | 35' 6 guests $780.00 US $880.00 US $980.00 US $1180.00 US
    *Showtime | 35' 6 guests $780.00 US $880.00 US $980.00 US $1180.00 US
    *Billfish | 30' 4 guests $630.00 US $730.00 US $830.00 US $1030.00 US
    *Hot tuna | 27' 3 guests $380.00 US $490.00 US $599.00 US
  • The rates for a private fishing charter (For the Boat)
    and it will depend on the length of the fishing trip and boat size requested.

    *The average cost of a center console panga starts at $380.00, which is a great option for a quick barracuda fishing trip in the bay and near shore fishing.
    *The Kianah, Grand Slam, and Showtime are 35' sportfishing boats that can accommodate a single person or a group of up to 6 guests. Pricing starts at $780.00.(Fishing rates are per boat)

    We can tailor the experience to fit your budget and fishing expectations. Take a look at our deep-sea fishing options, which are fully customizable and range from $380.00 up to $1360.00 for the Tiara 3800 Open.

    **These rates will include taxes and everything needed for a private sport fishing trip in Cancun.

  • 16% Sales tax (Included)

    The Boat: For the time booked, captain and mates.

    Drinks: Beer, Sodas, bottled water, Ice,

    Amenities Per Boat: All Premium fishing gear, Bait, lures. Alutecnos, Avet reels, Naviagtion systems, GPS, Chart plotters and Fishfinder.

    Fish catch: Fish cleaning at the end of the fishing trip is included.

    NOTE: **8Hr Fishing trips or longer have luch box (croissant sandwiches, snacks, fruit) and 2 T-shirts as souvenirs are included.

  • *Braking down the options and fishing time requested.

    Time requested: Let's use our shortest trip as an example.
    If you hire or book a four-hour fishing trip, you need to allocate 45 minutes to an hour for going to the areas and same time returning. **This allows for just over two hours of actual fishing time.

    Travelling time:, The journey from the marina to the fishing grounds is an integral part of your trip. In Cancun, we have numerous snorkeling and diving sites near the shore and in the bay. However, these areas are off-limits for sportfishing vessels. After passing through these restricted zones, we encounter a sandbar in waters ranging from 45 to 80 feet deep. We then continue our journey until we locate structures or deeper reefs, to the edge of the continental shelf east of Cancun, offering deep blue waters ideal for marlin and offshore pelagics, or to head north of Isla Mujeres at the top of the continental shelf (sailfish grounds), the travel time is over an hour to an hour and 30 minutes from our location.

    The traveling duration depends on fishing request, water temperature, and bait activity, particularly during the winter months. the jurney can be extend even farther depending on these factors.

    Actual Fishing time: As mentioned in the previous example, the actual fishing time is the difference in time left after traveling.
    In the case of a four-hour trip, it only allows just over two hours of fishing time. That's why we suggest a starting point of six hours, providing four-plus hours of actual fishing time.
    The rate increments are minimal when you consider that productivity and odds are increased in your favor as you are adding actual fishing time. By far, the eight-hour charter is the better choice because it includes food and T-shirts, along with flexibility in time and travel. Additionally, it offers the ability or option to check different fishing spots and practice various fishing styles should one slow down a bit..

  • **Make your fishing fishing day count!

    When it comes to fishing in Cancun, opting for a private charter is the ultimate choice. Here's why

    Our rates are inclusive of everything needed for a day of fishing, You wont be charged for last minute additionals.
    Personalized Guidance: more personalized attention from guides, ensuring a higher quality of assistance and enhancing the overall fishing experience.

    Intimate and Private Experience: Smaller groups offer a more intimate and private fishing adventure, allowing participants to focus on the enjoyment of the trip without the potential distractions of a larger crowd.

  • When a company offers an abundance of freebies or numerous discounts to secure your business, it's important to bear in mind that there are various strategies to achieve the same goal. Sometimes, such approaches might indicate that the core value of the product or service might be compromised.

    At Kianah SportFishing we focus on delivering quality and value without relying on excessive giveaways, ensuring that our offerings stand strong on their own merits.

    *Fishing licenses & Dock fees are Not included: The cost of fishing licenses and dock fees, totaling $15 per person, is not incorporated into our standard rates.

    This fee ensures compliance with regulations and access to the necessary facilities. It is a separate charge that can be conveniently settled on the morning of your fishing service, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on enjoying your upcoming fishing adventure.

    *Transfers are Not included: We can help arranging the transportation to our place, We usually get better rates from our service providers. (pricing will vary) depending on distance.

    *Gratuities are Not included:Tips, or gratuities, are not included in our pricing structure.

    They serve as an incentive that directly reflects the quality of service and the effort our team puts forth throughout your fishing charter.

    Your generosity in tipping is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the hardworking crew members who strive to make your experience with us exceptional.

  • Choosing Kianah’s Sportfishing for your charter is not just a good option—it's the better option, ensuring the best bang for your buck,
    With new top-of-the-line fishing gear, well-maintained boats, and professional crew members,
    Our rates are designed to provide unparalleled value and an exceptional fishing experience.

Fishing charter & rates

Cancun Fishing Gallery.

Deep sea Fishing Rates Cancun.

These are some of the finest Deep sea Fishing Boats In Cancun, The Best option to take you deep sea fishing in Cancun or Isla Mujeres MX.

Private or shared fishing charters (private fishing starts at $380.00)

Sailfish Run Cancun | shark fishing

Sailfish Run | Tiara 38' | 38 Guests
(* 5 years of operation)

Rated 5/5 (81) Reviews

Rate Starting $810.00

Kianahs SportFishing Cancun rates | fishing rates

Kianah | Bertram 35' | 6 Guests
(Over 20 years of operation)

Rated 4.9/5 (216) Reviews

Rate Starting $780.00

Grand Slam fishing rates in cancun 
				| fishing price

Grand Slam | Luhrs 35' | 6 Guests
(18 years of operation)

Rated 4.9/5 (197) Reviews

Rate Starting $780.00

Show Time, sportfishing cancun | fishing price

Show Time | Albemarle 35' | 6 Guests
(2nd year of operation)

Rated 4.9/5 (27) Reviews

Rate Starting $780.00

Panga Fishing Cancun | Hot tuna | best price

Hot Tuna | Panga 27' | 3 Guests
(2 years of operation)

Rated 4.8/5 (27) Reviews

Rate Starting $380.00

Guest Reviews

Welcome to Kianah SportFishing

fishig rates in cancun

Monica Chavez.

( 2023-12-26 NEW)

Great guys! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would do it again!

fishing rates cancun

Ryan Ousley

( 2023-12-22 )

We fished on the Kianah and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Very quickly the crew had us on fish and we were catching fish practically the whole time. When my family got seasick the crew were very kind and accommodating. These guys are total professionals.

ila mujeres fishing rates

Latina Leckie

( 2023-12-06 )

Had an outing with the crew of the Sailfish Run, I cannot say enough great things about this crew and the trip! Conditions were a little rough but the crew worked hard to put us on some fish all day long! I have been on other trips before and this trip by far was one of the best! I would highly recommend booking a trip with this company hands down!

cancun fishing price

Diva Mogridch

( 2023-11-21 )

Amazing boat and crew, caught well over 40 fish within 3 hours aboard. Rates are great!

cancun fishing rates

Boris Stark

( 2023-11-01 )

Hot Tuna Boat was very fun, we catched a nice Big Barracuda and a lot of bonitos nice Captain and very nice crew.